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Synopsis of Heavenly Delusion Manga

Fifteen years ago, disaster struck human civilization, and now dangerous man-eating monsters roam the ravaged lands, posing an existential threat to the remaining survivors. Amid this turmoil, an isolated facility shelters children and nurtures them in peace. However, as a few among them find out about the world beyond the narrow periphery of their nursery’s walls, their curiosity about it slowly grows.

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Heavenly Delusion Manga Review

For me, this is the best show in this season, maybe even this year. Honestly, in a lot of anime seasons, there is usually a deep, philosophical story, and there are a lot of people who talk about those shows as “bullshit,”, “nonsense”, illogical, or “trying to be smart”, and I think that all right. Because the people who know that they like deep, metaphorical stories will know when they see those comments, that this show is for them.


Is heavenly delusion manga finished?

No, the Heavenly Delusion manga is not yet finished. As of today, there are 9 published volumes and the story continues.

Is the Heavenly Delusion Manga Finished?

No, the Heavenly Delusion manga is not yet finished. Currently, there are 9 published volumes, and the story continues.

Where to Read Heavenly Delusion Manga

You can read it on our website.

Where to Start Heavenly Delusion Manga after Anime?

Start at Chapter 38 if you want all new content or Chapter 34 for a fuller experience after the anime.